A Day in the Life

What's it like to be a student at Orono High School? We're glad you asked. We've listed some practical information, but also check out our Facebook page.

  • Students live with a host family. OHS finds the family; most live within walking distance of the school, and many are somehow associated with The University of Maine and/or the Orono schools.
  • School is from 8-2:15. Students have 4.5 classes each day, and eat lunch at school (students can buy lunch-which is included in tuition-or pack lunch from their host family's house).
  • Together with the Program Director, students get to choose their classes. Most students take 7 or 8 classes. The list of classes can be found here. Students coming for grade 12 must take US History.
  • Students have four 74-minute classes and one 45-minute class each day. There are maroon days and white dates (our school colors are maroon and white). Your maroon day classes are different from your white day classes. For example, a student might have AP World History, Drawing, Global Education (45 minutes), Calculus, and US History on white days…then Chemistry, Outdoor Education, Global Education (45 minutes), Expository Writing, and Ukulele on maroon days. The days alternate: maroon/white/maroon/white….
  • 87% of Orono High School students play sports. Students have practice or a game almost everyday after school-this means students finish classes at 2:15, then have sports from about 3-5pm. From 2:15-3, most students stay at school and do homework, attend club meetings, or socialize with friends. Sometimes, students will quickly run home or go downtown for a snack. There are 3 sports seasons-check out our sports and activities page for more information.
  • The town of Orono is very walkable.
  • Special Programs to support international students
    • Orientation.
    • Course: Global Education.
    • Student Ambassadors.
    • Full-time staff.
  • Holidays. There are 4 long school breaks, and several 3-day weekends. There's a week in November, a week or more in December (around Christmas and New Years), a week in February, and a week in April. Students are welcome to stay with their host family, travel around the US, or go home.
  • Travel. OHS-International students are welcome to travel. You must get prior approval from your parents and from the Program Director. In the past, students have done weekend trips to Boston, longer trips to NYC during school breaks, and visiting family and friends around the US.
  • The international program provides students with 4+ activities every month. Examples include: paintball, jam making, apple picking, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, shopping trips to the outlet mall, camping, visiting Acadia National Park, dinners with local students, kayaking, canoeing, and more!
  • It's very unlikely you'll be bored. It's true: Orono is a small town. But there's so much going on!
  • The town of Orono is, in general, quite liberal. It's very safe and open, and international students are welcomed. It's a place where "everyone knows everyone' and says "hi' even if they don't.

Here are examples of things international students do on weekends:

  • Visited the Acadia National park with my host family
  • Played ice hockey
  • Played soccer
  • Went to Portland with my host family
  • Watch tv
  • Apple picking
  • Go to the mall
  • The Young Americans
  • Soccer team dinner
  • Birthday party
  • Watch football with friends
  • Rest up on Saturdays after games
  • Take senior pictures
  • Barbecue
  • Cook with host-grandma
  • Did my homework
  • Watched a movie with my host family
  • Go to our weekly run to Target
  • Go for a run
  • Play FIFA with my host brothers
  • Hang out at the park
  • Go camping
  • Go to church
  • Play basketball at the UMaine Rec Center
  • Go to the gym
  • Sleep
  • TOEFL exam
  • Made dumplings
  • Sleepover with friends
  • Hang out in downtown Orono with friends
  • Dinner at a Chinese restaurant
  • Went to the cabin with my host family
  • Made apple pie jam
  • Went Golfing
  • Discovered UMaine campus
  • Hung out at friends's houses
  • Play field hockey
  • Going to a friend's house and watch a movie
  • Visited Boston

Click the links below to read about a day in the life of several international students at Orono High School! Interested in talking to a current or former international student? Contact the Program Director, Mrs. Erika Dixon: [email protected]

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