Orono High School is accepting applications for the 2019-20 school year.

We accept a paper application or an online application.


  • Applications are due June 1, 2019 (priority deadline February 1). We are often full before June 1.
  • Scholarships are available!
  • Orono High School strives to have a diverse international program. Therefore, we try not to accept more than 25% of our students from one country.
  • All application materials should be emailed to Mrs. Erika Dixon, [email protected] (If you're completing the online application, it will automatically be sent.)
  • As soon as a completed application is received, we will contact you within one week to schedule a Skype conversation. Don't be nervous-this is a conversation! We will talk about your goals and interests, reasons for applying, experiences you've had, and more. You can ask questions, too. The goals of the conversation: to get to know you better so we can match you with a Student Ambassador and host family, to see what types of classes you might be interested in and prepared to take, and to see if OHS is a good fit for you. This interview will be with our Program Director, Mrs. Erika Dixon.
  • Generally, you will receive an admission decision within one week of the Skype conversation.
  • We will send a specific arrival date. In past years, international students have arrived in late August. Students must fly into Bangor (BGR). School ends in mid-June.
  • Contact Mrs. Erika Dixon, [email protected]

"Orono High School is an excellent place to be, students are amazingly friendly to you as an international student. Teachers take care of you and always support you. Athletics are so good and the spirit around that school impressed me. I think OHS represents what an American High School is.' -Herve Marie, France