Grading Policies

Students' progress reports may be sent at the midpoint of a marking
period. These reports do not necessarily mean that a student is failing but that the
level of work is below what is expected. Any grade of C or below signals a
progress report. All freshman students will receive a progress report the first two
quarters. Parent conferences can be arranged through the guidance office. Many
reports indicating satisfactory or excellent performance are sent at this time as
well. Please check Web2school regularly to view student grades.

A= 93-100 C=77-84
B= 85- 92 D=70-76
F= Below 70
WP= Withdraw passing WF=Withdraw failing
The quarterly marking system uses numerical grades. Academic standing
is based on grade point average which is calculated using all course grades.

AP grades earned at the end of each semester will be weighted by a
multiplier of 0.02 in recognition of the degree of difficulty for these courses.

An honor roll will be posted after each ranking period. Students
receiving a grade of 85 or better in all course work will be listed on the honor roll.
Those students receiving all A's are listed under “high honors'. Those students
receiving A's and B's are listed under "honors'. As a general rule, report cards
come out the Friday following the close of a ranking period.


Students must have completed all required work at the end of the ranking
period. Incompletes will not be given at the end of the ranking period. It is the
student's responsibility to see that the work is done.
An exception can be made for cases of extended illness or unusual
circumstances, but this is done only by request and with the approval of the
principal. A definite deadline will be established for the completion of the work.

After any absence from school, a student is expected to make up all
missed work. It is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher the day he or
she returns to get the missed assignments. If the student fails to make these
arrangements upon return to school, no credit will be given for that work. If a
student is absent for one to three days, it is advisable to call a classmate for
assignments. If a student is absent for three or more days due to illness, it is
advisable to call guidance to obtain homework assignments. Teachers are
available before and after school.