Welcome to Orono High School

It’s a new school year here at Orono High School and what better way to welcome back our students and staff then to unveil our brand-new webspace for the community! Our new webpage features the latest web and eLearning platform to provide students, parents, and teachers with the best tools for success.

Our webpage isn’t the only thing that got an upgrade over the summer. After a year of construction, the new building for Orono High School is finally complete. The new additions are designed to offer the best in modern learning facilities and will house OHS students and staff.

Take a chance to explore our new webspace and come back regularly for news and updates!

OHS News

The sports community
The sports community here is unlike at any other school. Each season, I feel so close to the other kids on my team, and thar closeness doesn´t fade wh ...
Guidande is so supportive
Guidande is so supportive. I can go there to ask for whatever i need without feeling stressed. ...
Teaches work really hard
Teaches work really hard to make connections to their stundents, so that students feel like they can learn in an evironment where they are safe and w ...
OHS has provided a sense
OHS has provided my child a sense of community and belonging ...
I was worried about making friends
I was worried about making friends, but I felt the most welcomed by other students at OHS. It was different than all the other schools I visited ...
One of my teachers
One of my teachers came in early every morning of my 9th grade to help me with my hardest class. She could have told me to take an easier class, but s ...
It´s nice to have teachers
It´s nice to have teachers come to me and say, 'If this is too much for you, let me know, and we can work something out together. ...
At OHS, everyone is approachable. Everyone is a part of everyone else´s life. ...
At OHS students
At OHS, students grow through the years together no matter which town they live in. ...
If you have a concern
If you have a concern at OHS a teacher is going to listen. Nothing gets shrugged off. ...